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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Solar Net Metering

Solar Net metering
As the national electrical power demand increases, alternate energy sources play a vital role to meet out some of the energy crises. In particular, the Solar PV system’s growth is very rapid.

Net meter is a bidirectional energy meter which indicates the energy usage by a consumer and excess energy produced by the consumer and exported to the utility grid.
In a grid connected Solar PV system, the excess energy generated can be exported to the utility grid. The net meter tracks the difference of excess energy fed back to the grid and the energy consumed by the consumer.
There are two conditions,
  1. If the solar energy generated units is less than the load , then the net meter runs forward, the consumer has to pay the utility company
  2. If the solar energy generated units are greater than the load, then the net meter runs backward, the consumer will be credited for excess energy.
The net metering usage and its policy differ from state to state. The tariff also differs. There will be an agreement between the consumer and the utility grid company.
1.      As the consumer is credited for excess energy, there will be financial benefit.
2.      As the system is grid connected, no need of battery storage, its cost involved and free from maintenance.
3.      No need of two meters separately for measuring energy consumption and excess energy exported to the utility grid.

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