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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

GPS Module GP810

GPS Module GP810
GP 810 Pin diagram
The GP 810 receiver board is based on the high performance GP 810 receiver architecture. This 810 receiver is ideally suited for applications that require easy replacement for Trimble Lassen LP and where the state of the art GP performance including fast TTFF even in extreme temperature is required. The GP 810 receiver offers user configurable, low power consumption with three different operational modes. 
Full navigation, Idle Mode and Sleep Mode can be customized to perfectly meet the requirements of each specific GPS application. The performance regarding sensitivity and very fast TTFF makes it applicable even for extremely demanding applications and environments with full industrial temperature range. The receiver supports the basic GPS functionality plus support for versatile control for sleep state and even the Data Logger to store position information to the internal non-volatile Flash memory. The I/O includes also power supply, ground, accurate 1 PPS output for timing applications and Power Mode Control input. Nominal power supply is +3.3V and typical current consumption is 52mA. All navigational data is stored in non-volatile 8 Mbit Flash memory meaning that no external back-up battery is required. The antenna connector is a MCX jack, which provides also the active antenna bias supply. The module supports optionally the Antenna Bias Supervisor, which detects a faulty condition, either Open or Short state and sends a respective message to the host.

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