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Friday, September 16, 2011

IC ULN 2803 driver circuit

IC ULN 2803 driver circuit
A ULN2803 is an Integrated Circuit (IC) chip with a High Voltage/High Current Darlington Transistor Array. It allows you to interface TTL signals. A TTL signal operates from 0-5V, with everything between 0.0 and 0.8V considered "low" or off, and 2.2 to 5.0V being considered "high" or on. The maximum power available on a TTL signal depends on the type, but generally does not exceed 25mW (~5mA @ 5V), so it is not useful for providing power to something like a relay coil. Computers and other electronic devices frequently generate TTL signals. On the output side the ULN2803 is generally rated at 50V/500mA, so if can operate small loads directly. 
Alternatively, it is frequently used to power the coil of one or more relays, which in turn allow even higher voltages/currents to be controlled by the low level signal. In electrical terms, the ULN2803 uses the low level (TTL) signal to switch on/turn off the higher voltage/current signal on the output side. The ULN2803 comes in an 18-pin IC configuration and includes eight (8) transistors. Pins 1-8 receive the low level signals; pin 9 is grounded (for the low level signal reference). Pin 10 is the common on the high side and would generally be connected to the positive of the voltage you are applying to the relay coil. Pins 11-18 are the outputs (Pin 1 drives Pin 18, Pin 2 drives 17, etc.).
The ULN2803 is a small integrated circuit that contains 8 transistor driver channels. Each channel has an input to a resistor connected to the base of a transistor and a 1 amp open collector output capable of handling up to about 30volts .Each of the collectors has a reverse biased diode connected to a common Vcc pin that provides inductive spike protection. Typical uses are for micro-processor interfaces to relays, lamps, solenoids and small motors. A 2803 with a set of relays is a simple and effective way of switching mains voltages for example.
Driver Features 
• TTL, DTL, PMOS, or CMOS Compatible Inputs 
• Output Current to 500 mA 
• Output Voltage to 95 V 
• Transient-Protected Outputs 
• Dual In-Line Package or Wide-Body Small-Outline Package 


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AK said...

This is really a nice tutorial. Which is the most appropriate and commonly used IC ULN2003 or ULN2803 to drive a stepper motor?

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