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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Systems, Control Systems and Classifications

Systems, Control Systems and Classifications
System: A system comprises of several component work together for a specific task
Control System: If the output is of our desire and able to control, then the system is called as Control systems

General Classification of systems:
1.  Open loop System: In an Open loop System, the control action is independent of the desired output.

When  the output quantity of  the control system  is not  fed back  to  the  input quantity,  the control system is called an Open loop System. e.g. Blind man's action, traffic control without traffic police

2.  Closed loop System: In the Closed  loop Control System the control action is dependent on the desired output, where the output quantity is considerably controlled by sending a command signal to input quantity. The closed loop systems are normally have feed back.
e.g Normal man's action, Automobile systems, traffic signal control with traffic police etc.

Based on the type of system, control systems can be classified as
1.Electrical System,
2. Mechanical System (Translational, Rotational)
3. Hydraulic system
4. Pneumatic systems
5. Thermal systems and so on.

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