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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Telepresence robots

Telepresence robots
 Telepresence robot
    In the present world, we are all so busy in our business or daily works. Sometimes, it is too difficult to attend some of the important meetings, seminars or functions. In such places, our presence is inevitable to be part of the functions or meetings. So, the solution for such situations, The emerging Telepresence robot which can be easily controlled remotely through online with Wifi enabled controls.  This creates our presences in such occasions. You can show your presence anywhere with the help such amazing robo, where you can participate in the discussions, present, talk, or receiving anything from other side by merely having with your  laptop with net connectivity .


Damien said...

Telepresence Technology allows a closer rapport development with interactive real time visuals

Operator Assisted Audio Conference Profiling

Addressable Conference Market Usage Forecast

Classroom Management: Get Prepared….!!

sreesms said...

I want to do a project about telepresense robot. where I will get more information about it.

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