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Friday, January 28, 2011

Innovative revolutions in Credit card technologies

Technology updates on Credit cards
The credits cards are normally built with a magnetic strip which upon swiping at ATM or shopping centre will enable transactions. In the conventional cards, there is no facility of display card balance and keypads so on. There are many complaints from card holders of losing their money without their knowledge. This is mainly by the criminals who steal the data of the card using magnetic strip reader or noting down the card details, even cloning of the cards. To overcome these problems and completely preventing the theft or fraud, innovative revolution in the credit card technologies have emerged, some of the key technologies are addressed here.
Credit card with miniature display and keypads
The innovative technology has opened new windows for credit cards with display and keypad features. In these novel cards, the card is embedded with display and keypads so that the users can interact with them. This Credit card embedded authentication device can even provide additional security to prevent bank frauds for the users. These cards feature to display the current balance of the clients. Some card uses a one time pass code to authorize the online and phone transactions. These cards normally have built in batteries which will last for about 4 to 5 years. These programmable credit or master cards has yet to popularize the world for the cashless transactions.
Multi account and dynamic credit cards:
In this, we can store details of many cards and use any one card by choosing the magnetic strip of a particular card. This card also built in with a eInk display which consumes less power and no power if not displaying anything.
The dynamic cards are automatic reprogrammable magnetic strip where we can toggle between strips by using buttons and hide & show the desired credit card numbers with display facilities.
Credit card swipe phone or i-phone:
These phones are built with credit card reader facility where the entire transactions are done with phone. This is mainly useful for those doing micro finance and small business. The reader can be easily plugged into the audio jack. While swiping with this reader, the authentication is done with the mobile phone display.

The Braille Credit Card :
The Braille card specially designed to handle a visually challenged person to know the amount of money that has been charged on their card. The card with its Braille display features the Braille to know the sum that is needed to pay. The card also has an inbuilt miniature speaker which reads aloud the figures for further assistance. This special card can also be used by old aged people who suffer from poor eyesight with the features of built in speakers.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Polygraph vs No Lie MRI scan as Lie detector

Polygraph vs No Lie MRI scan as Lie detector
Lie detectors are normally used for identifying criminals and employee screenings.
Polygraph has been used for a long time as lie detector and the emerging technology in this area is MRI scan technique which is very familiar in the medical arena.
Polygraph uses a couple of sensors for monitoring the pulse, sweating and breathing rate of the person to be tested. However the expert says that the polygraph results are error prone and struggle with its reliability. The main problem with this method is that the interpretation of a polygraph’s measurements is very tedious and chance of false identifying the truth tellers. According to an article from ieee spectrum, the false positive rate is a troublingly as high as 30 % and we can detect lies only between 64% to 100% of the time. The experts conclude that the polygraph testing probably works worse in the real world than in the lab.
The MRI scan technique is effectively used as lie detector by examining the brain activities. The prefrontal cortex part of the brain shows unusual activist upon detecting lies. In this process, Under a MRI Scan machine, the person is thrown a series of questions in front of his eyes and his brain is scanned through a special MRI scan. The scanning reports are analyzed.
Only few companies are opening up their store for this purpose worldwide. As MRI scan is so costly compared with polygraph technique, approximately 5000$ per test, it is not so popular among the people. Now a days the courts, law enforcement and business community are the clients of this technique.
Though many techniques may be on the road to test our truthfulness, my opinion is that it is better to be very honest and friendly with others rather than being untruthful person.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Internet based Scada System

Internet based Scada System

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are now becoming more and more popular in industrial processes and the demands in functionality and high performance have been increasing rapidly. Furthermore, the fast development of microprocessor and Micro controller manufacturing and Internet technology makes it more efficient and cost-saving to design such systems with the embedded network protocol modules.

The Internet has now been dedicating a new and highly-efficient medium for sharing information all over the world. The development of web technologies allows information to be displayed numerically and graphically on any conventional Internet browser. Via Internet browsers (or web-browsers), end users can access, monitor the real-time data and even control the field devices and equipments.

A solution on implementing Internet-based SCADA systems with the presence of embedded TCP/IP Protocol stacks can provide the following features:
• Automatically collect the latest system’s data and real-time data are displayed on web-browser interfaces.
• Users can manage and issue command controls on system’s devices from any internet-connected place.
• Security issue is carefully considered with: server protection by router; user authentication & IP approval on server application software and MD5 algorithm for data encoding. This helps reduce the threat of the public nature of the Internet.
• New sites/devices can be added/deleted/tracked.
• System operation can be tracked for each user by the event log tool.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Telepresence robots

Telepresence robots
 Telepresence robot
    In the present world, we are all so busy in our business or daily works. Sometimes, it is too difficult to attend some of the important meetings, seminars or functions. In such places, our presence is inevitable to be part of the functions or meetings. So, the solution for such situations, The emerging Telepresence robot which can be easily controlled remotely through online with Wifi enabled controls.  This creates our presences in such occasions. You can show your presence anywhere with the help such amazing robo, where you can participate in the discussions, present, talk, or receiving anything from other side by merely having with your  laptop with net connectivity .

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bubble Monorail system Shweeb - the winner of Google Innovation contest

Bubble Monorail system Shweeb - the winner of  Google Innovation contest

The bubble shaped monorail is designed with plastic pedaling facility for moving without using any of fuel. The bubble car is designed with 7 gears and run at a speed of 30 mph. This amazing rail has been tested in New Zealand’s firm of 218 long yard test track.
Another amazing with this car is that, it has won and received $1.05 million dollar Google’s Innovation contest.

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