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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Memory types and its features

Memory types and its features
      In computers, Hard Disc drives, Pen Drive, RAMs are mainly used.  These memories are made of different technology. These are  Hard drive, SRAM, DRAM, Flash memory and MRAM.  Now a days, the hard disc drives are available at higher densities in the order of more than 500 GB. The flash pendrives are at higher densities of order of 16, 32 GBs and the size is also very very small. The features of these memories and its positive and negatives are given here
1. Hard drive:
High density, very low cost per byte stored, high power.
Moderate read and write speeds and bulky moving parts.

2. SRAM :
Super fast read and write speeds and low power consumption
Large memory cells take up more space, volatile

3. DRAM: High density, low cost, fast read and write speeds and low power
Volatile and require constant refreshing of data drains power

 4. Flash:
Nonvolatile, High density, fast read speed
More power consumtion, write operation is slow and limited life time

5. MRAM:
Non volatile, high density, fast read and write  speeds, low power and unlimited lifetime

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