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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Algae - A new alternative renewable bio fuel

Algae - A new alternative renewable bio fuel
   The renewable sources such as energy from solar, wind, tidal and bio fuels have been gaining momentum for replacing conventional fuels (fossil fuels) and fight against the global warming problems. Such one alternative is algae, a bio fuel to provide a renewable source for diesel, gasoline and jet fuels. 
   Algae (like plants) are micro organisms which use the photosynthesis to convert light into chemical energy and with the advantages absorbing Co2 from the surrounding atmosphere. Initial stage, algae turn carbon that it take into sugars and then into oil which can be used as fuel.The algae grow rapidly and can be reaped continuously, so high amount of oil can be generated annually.

1.Reduces carbon emissions    2. algae can be grown or cultivated anywhere

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