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Friday, July 9, 2010

Solar impulse aircraft – Successful Green Flight in the History of Aviation

The non renewable energy sources have been fueling the entire transportation system such as two wheeler, four wheeler, ships and air planes since for a long period, and however going to exhaust very soon, the very promising alternate fueling system would be green energy like solar, wind systems. They development and deployment of these sources and its related technologies have already started its journey in order to overcome the energy demand. However, implementing solar energy as an alternate source of power is always a challenge because of cost and efficiency aspects which is not feasible in all the fields.
That challenge which was considered once as impossible has been achieved and successfully tested in the field of aero technologies. It is a milestone in the aircraft technologies where the aircraft run, uses only energy received from solar cells. It uses ultra efficient and light weight of about 12,000 solar panels which is fit in the wingspan of the plane.
This plane has been built by Solar Impulse engineers, with sponsors received from the electronics, engineering, aerospace, Solar energy Industries and one of Switzerland's top technical universities.
The main achievement and the recent record of this craft was that Solar Impulse takes off from western Switzerland's Payerne for a non-stop flight through day and night, for about 26 hours continuous flight with altitude of above 8500 mtrs. and piloted by Andre Borschberg. The mastermind behind this solar powered by Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard.
The future of aim of this team is to design an aircraft for long travel and equipping more people and payload.
Thanks for the team for successfully implementing green technology in the aviation field.

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