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Monday, February 22, 2010

Trends in Wireless Technologies Dash7 A Nnovel Wireless scheme

Trends in Wireless Technologies
The world is completely occupied with Computer networks. Wireless network in particular plays a major role. Wireless data networks includes , . Normally Bluetooth, Zigbee are intended with low power and low band width digital communications.
The Zigbee network uses airwaves to connect lamps, lighting switches, electric meters, thermostats and other electric appliances. The Zigbee network employs 868 Mhz, 915 MHz and 2.4 GHz.
We use bluetooth enabled computers, laptops and mobile phones for transferring data and files between the devices.
The recent new network scheme is Dash7 which uses less power compared with other schemes. This can be used as RFID (Radio frequency Identification) tag in order to work for years without any external power source. The actual RFID tag employ passive devices and draw energy from radio waves by their readers emit.
Dash7 tags are active and uses very small batteries. Dash7 readers do not have to transmit high power RF and cost effective compared with other devices. Dash7 can communicate with tags located with 100 m away. Dash7 works with 433 MHz which is global level. The antenna is very compact as the wavelength is 70 cm.

Courtesy : wikipedia
DASH7 features include:
* Operation at 433 MHz, globally available, unlicensed spectrum
* Based on ISO 18000-7 standard
* Multi-year battery life
* Range of up to 2 km (potentially farther)
* Penetration of concrete walls, water, and ability to "bend" around metal objects
* Low latency protocol that enables reliable tracking of moving objects
* Small, lightweight protocol stack that minimizes silicon costs
* Data transfer at up to 27.77kpbs (potentially as high as 250kpbs)
* Sensor & security support

While comparing other schemes, Dash7 is neither Wi-Fi nor Bluetooth nor Zigbee.

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