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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

World’s fastest Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) Train
The railway travel has been revolutionized with a novel technology called as Magnetic Levitation. According to Maglev principle, train is lifted from the track and ride over the track (called as guide way) without any wheels. The whole train compartments are lifted off above the guide way for about 10 millimeter by powerful magnets. The transrapid technology was first developed by a German firm.
China has launched such a wonderful fastest train ever in the history of this technology. The first test runs was from Shanghai River to International airport Pudong. The initial rocket speed of train is 430 kph (350 km per hour). They say it as Joyrides. For travel of 1000 Km, It would take only 3 Hours.
The tech experts say, it is 60% faster than the Bullet trains. This is mainly due to reduction in friction as there are no wheels. The total investment of the Maglev is 1.2$ billion.
If there are no wheels, no friction, definitely it would be a fantastic experience without any jerks while riding. This is really amazing technology giveaway and gift to New Year 2010.
In one way it is amazing, however, my suggestion is that if they spent all these money for innovation of novel technologies for fighting against Global warming, then the whole world will be saved and the future generations will be benefiting.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Global warming causes and remedies

Global warming causes and remedies
Global warming is caused by the green house gases such as carbon di oxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydro fluoro carbons, perfluoro carbon and sulpur hexafluoride. Among these first two gases are the major contributor. These gases rise the temperature of the atmosphere.
Concentration of these gases have resulted in melting of glaciers, rise in sea level which will result in submerging of lower area of earth, extreme wether events such as frequent cyclones and stroms.Drive away the carbon emission with Renewable energy technologies

Some efforts shoule be taken for reduction of these emission.
The top 5 contributors are US, Russia, UK, China and India. Developed countries have already been emitting most persentage of emission. Developing countries have also been emitting in order to maintain their growth.
There several meets and protocols worldwide to reduce the effect of Green House gases(GHGs). These are Kyoto protocol, Copenhagen meet and so on. They have agreed to reduce these GHGs by 2020. Wheather they are developed or developing countries, the individuals should aware of these emissions and try to reduce by taking responsibilities at their own risk in order to save our earth.
As the technologies have been revolutioning the world, scientist and experts should found new ways of using solar, wind and other renewable energies at reduced cost, so that the conventional vechicles and industrial components would be completely avoided.
Politcians should also cooperate for the technological breakthrough in order to reduce the carbon emissions for saving our earth.

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