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Monday, September 14, 2009

An novel idea of Solar panels integrated with roads

Solar roads
The solar technology is going to make a another milestone. Normally solar panels are used to receive solar power from sun which is used for electrifying many electrical appliances such as lighting, solar car, electrifying house appliances and so on.
The roads are running all over the world, think about that if all the roads are integrated with solar panels, then the tremendous amount of solar power can be extracted which can be used for all the electric appliances. This will in turn improve the shortage of power worldwide.
In addition to this, the power extracted can be used for making signals on the black roads. This will enhance the smooth riding on roads.


Nerisa Eric said...

interesting article on solar road

will said...

Solar panels in north maryland are considered part of the green energy resources that is naturally available and replenish able.

Solar panels maryland

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