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Friday, August 28, 2009

Invisible solar roof

Invisible solar roof
The future world will be electrified with the help of renewable energy sources. One such in exhaustible energy source is solar energy. Now a days, solar panels have been replacing the conventional energy for electrifying any of the electrical appliances. Though it is not accepted all the people due to its high cost, many people are changing their taste to solar powered home or vehicles. In this connection, if any home is powered with solar energy, i will be distinguishably visible to all that the house is using the solar energy or power.
Because the solar panels are visible over the roof. In modern technology in the solar energy era has changed its design in such a way that the solar panels are invisibe, on the other hand i can state that it is integrated within the roof itself. This is what shown in the figure. Hence, no one can identify whether that particular house is backed with solar energy. What a great technology revolution?


Norbert said...

Development of invisible solar roofs is great news. Especially for the construction industry, it would be so much easier to put together a design concept that incorporates the use renewable energy sources. With the ingenuity of design engineers these days, I am sure the first invisible solar roofs will be rolled out very soon.

Norbert Floth

Santo said...

Solar panels reduce the carbon emissions of a building by capturing usable energy from direct sunlight and reducing the demand for non-renewable energy from the grid. They are also important because because they make owners think carefully about all aspects of their energy usage, including insulation and switching things off at the wall. :)

-Santo Caridine

Richard Boles said...

It’s incredible how people innovate and reinvent things, such as roofing materials, into something more advantageous to both human beings and the environment. I love how the appearance is integrated right into the roof. Now, homeowners won’t be bothered by the aesthetic value of their solar roof. :]

- Richard

Eugene said...

There is also another technology for roofing that was recently launched: the solar-powered shingles. These look like conventional shingles, but they produce the same amount of energy that regular solar panels generate.

Eugene Head

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