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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Long fight with Computer Viruses

Long fight with Computer Viruses
I have been a long fight with viruses in my computer system. So, i could not continue my blogging on technical topics. All of sudden my system was functioning so slow. I could not find how to rectify from this problem. I was using a trial version anti virus software installed in my system. I was also struggling with other trial version anti virus software. It could able to detect the viruses, however it could not remove the viruses.
Finally i decided to buy licensed version of anti virus software. I bought a new Internet Security 2009 anti virus software. Before that i formatted my computer system C drive. Then After installing the OS, i installed my new antivirus software. After updating the antivirus software, i had a complete computer scan. It is so terrible to see the result of scanning, my files has had thousands of viruses. Now my system is completely free from viruses.
Finally, i inferred that only a licensed antivirus could remove all viruses from the system, so we can safely run our computer system


t_volts said...

good thing that you decided quickly before its to late...

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