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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Amazing flying wonders

Amazing flying wonders
I have in search of flying wonders. In this series i am wondering to see the technological development in design of little flying robots, flying disc, toys and helicopters and so on. In this tech flying wonders,
Flying toy:
a remote controlled rotary wind flying toy is a little one which is not coming under the helicopter, but it uses two propellers facing in the opposite directions to spin the main blades which generate the lift .
It can be used only for indoor purpose. By using a infrared controller, the flying toy can climb or descend with direction buttons to move forward or backward, left and right. This is possible by adjusting the speed of the propellers. In the autopilot mode, it uses two infrared sensors to hover away from ceilings and walls. We get whole enjoyment even the flight time is 5 minutes with 20 minutes recharge time. This cheap little wonder is a gift to the flying enthusiast. If you find anymore such small wonders, feel free to share in the comment sections

1 comment:

gate valves said...

this is so amazing, i always wanna have one of these!

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