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Friday, June 5, 2009

World Celebrating World Environment Day 2009

World Celebrating World Environment Day 2009

In this year, in particular, today is a special day and everyone should proudly celebrate the day. This year’s theme is
“Your planet needs you - UNite to combat Climate Change”

Why should we celebrate today? First off all, We should know about Global warming and how to eradicate from this threat?

Global warming or Climate change is mainly due to the human made mistakes on earth. We have to fight and must give utmost important to eradicate this change. Due to Global warming, its impact on global temperature, effect on agriculture, glacial erosion is increasing day by day.

Why is Global warming?
Global warming is mainly contributed by Carbon emissions by Individuals, Organizations, a business or a government (so called as Carbon foot print).

The reduction of carbon footprint is individual’s response at all level.

What can we do today, even a small thing can do big change tomorrow, yes, and planting a single tree by each one of us can make a big change to save our earth.

Wishing all a Happy, Healthy breathing Greener. this World Environment Day 2009

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