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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Emerging technologies in Advertising compaigns

Emerging technologies in Advertising compaigns
The emerging technologies has opened a new window in advertising compaigns by recognising the human face whether male or female. This technology can identify the gender among a group of people which is utilised for the purpose of advertising compaign based on gender ( male or female based) . A digital video stream can detect from the frontal images of faces of a number of persons in real time. This technology can also be utilized online where the laptops or PCs are fit with web cameras. The advertising compains will be changed dynamically based on the gender who are onlin.
My suggestion is that this technology could be utilised for security purposes like facical recognitions autentication systems

1 comment:

Happy Person said...

Wow! This is interesting information. I did not know technoligy of frontal image capturing can be applied in the field of sdvertising. I only know that it was used for security and camera applications. Thanks for the updates. It triggers my mind to think of any.


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