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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Computer system crashes and Remedy

Computer system crashes and Remedy
There is no end by the way viruses, spyware and hijackers. Recently my laptop has encountered such a virus attack. Yes, my system was completely hijacked by couple of Trojan and hijackers. I could not remove these viruses by any of the anti viruses. Whenever i installed a new anti virus, i immediately stopped installation and deleted the installed files. Finally i used spybot software, it detected all the viruses, however i could not fix the problem. Then i searched for an online antivirus software, and i thought i could remove the viruses from my laptop. As the download speed is low, this method of removing viruses also not helping me.
After a long trials, in order to save my files, i moved my files to D drives, formatted C drive and installed fresh copy of windows, now it is fine. All of my effort in battle of removing viruses gone.

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