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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Computer system crashes and Remedy

Computer system crashes and Remedy
There is no end by the way viruses, spyware and hijackers. Recently my laptop has encountered such a virus attack. Yes, my system was completely hijacked by couple of Trojan and hijackers. I could not remove these viruses by any of the anti viruses. Whenever i installed a new anti virus, i immediately stopped installation and deleted the installed files. Finally i used spybot software, it detected all the viruses, however i could not fix the problem. Then i searched for an online antivirus software, and i thought i could remove the viruses from my laptop. As the download speed is low, this method of removing viruses also not helping me.
After a long trials, in order to save my files, i moved my files to D drives, formatted C drive and installed fresh copy of windows, now it is fine. All of my effort in battle of removing viruses gone.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Often, a bus passenger does not have sufficient information of the time of departure of the bus. In order to provide a solution for this, each bus can be fitted with a module that displays the time of departure of the bus as well as its next destination before hand, for the convenience of passengers.
The time schedule for the entire day is stored in a microcontroller and the relevant information is displayed automatically and at the appropriate time (based on a real time clock) without requiring any sort of control by the driver or conductor. Not only this, the departure time of the bus is controlled by this module, which controls the ignition circuit of the bus. This module connects it at the scheduled time already stored in the microcontroller. This prevents the driver from starting the bus before the scheduled time and it also helps to prevent unwanted wastage of fuel.
The circuit consists of two important modules viz. timer module, and display module The two modules are used to display the real time and passenger information relating to the departure time as well as the destination.
The two modules are controlled by two microcontrollers (ATMEGA 8L), which are programmed to display the real time and relevant information at the appropriate time, based on the time schedule of the bus.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Normally the control of household electrical appliances are done using manual switches. In the digital era, every device can be controlled remotely. However, additionally one more remote control unit is required which can also be controlled only by manual . Instead of this, if the devices are able to control using our voice, then our task will become even more easy. If all the electrical appliances can be controlled using our voice, then the way of control and our lifestyle also will become a enjoying one.
Virtual instrumentation use intuitive and powerful software with flexible and modular hardware to build customer defined solutions. In building virtual instrumentation solutions, engineers use software to define the functions of the system. This software flexibility maximizes the hardware capabilities while making it easier to adapt and scale to future needs. LabVIEW is a widely adopted graphical development environment for customized test, measurement and control applications
Voice Control parameters is of prime importance in present industrial scenario. With Virtual Instrumentation, it is possible to make the process more effective. The effective senses and the pre-trained words using labview and can give better matching results.The output signal from the Virutual Instrumentation control can be effectively used to make the ON/OFF control all the household electrical appliances.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Smart card based Prepaid Electricity Billing

Smart card based Prepaid Electricity Billing
Over the past few years, smart cards have achieved a growing acceptance as a powerful tool for security and time management. If a smart card is used along with a controller which can be connected to the energy meter, the concept goes like this... For every unit of electricity consumed, the unit-charge from the card gets reduced simultaneously. When the threshold balance limit of the card is reached or goes below it, the alarm is triggered, in addition a message is sent to the consumer’s mobile phone, indicating that the card should be recharged. If the balance of the card goes zero, a relay is activated which trips open the supply to the consumer. On recharge of the card, the supply can be restored. The ultimate aim of is to put an end to the queue in the billing counter and to reduce the expenditure towards billing and system monitoring of the electricity board.
In this project smart card technique is used for paying electricity bills. The smart card used is a rechargeable card which has an IC which acts as a memory module for storing the current balance status of the card.
This smart card based prepaid electricity billing is accomplished using an Atmel AT89C51 Microcontroller. This controller is programmed to read the smart card and give the control signal to the mobile communication unit using RS-232 serial communication unit.
However, the main points to ponder are
* keeping the smart card safe
* Each time recharge the smart card
* security aspects of the cards

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