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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

GSM Verses GPS

GSM Verses GPS

GSM and GPS are commonly used in mobile technology. It is the time to know the difference between the two with respect to the applications.
GSM stands for Global system of Mobile which is used in Mobile communication system. GSM based Mobile communication system is used in electronic devices which can collect data and send it to the central place using SMS or GSM data call. One of the primary applications of GSM is used in Vehicle tracking systems.
GPS stands for Global Position System which is used to receive location information from satellites. GPS cannot communicate itself back with them. GPS can be used along GSM to send or receive the location information to a central control room. A total of 24 satellites orbit the Earth, monitored continuously by earth stations. The satellites transmit signals that can be detected by GPS receivers located in the vehicles and used to determine their location with great accuracy. GPS gives the exact position of vehicles irrespective of the weather conditions at all the time.


Abas said...

Man, I'm still not using any GPS device yet. :-\

By the way, I have a new site up at

Come on over & give me a reply, Yokara. :-)

Yokara said...

Thanks for ur valuable comments

Thompson said...

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Electric Cylinder said...

The future improvements of GPS should allow them to communicate back.

Anonymous said...

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