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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Live IT Security training courses from EC-council

Live IT Security training courses from EC-council

In the internet era, we live in a world where almost all the computers are connected in a network for sharing our information. In one side, we get any information related to our field. On the other hand, there is a possibility of attach on our valuable information by the hackers. IT Security risks are high in the world wide network. So protecting our files from hacker is mandatory. If we work in IT companies, it is our responsible to secure the valuable information which is worth of time and hard earned money.

If we are able to develop enough skills about security fundamentals, ethical hacking and disaster Recovery then we can protect our company from these security threats. EC Council offer such live courses by online which plays important job role in order to expand our technical expertise in securing our company's information, or just because we were intrigued by the opportunity to learn what the Hackers know. The courses are on the following topics
Security Fundamentals,
Ethical Hacking,
Computer Forensics,
Penetration Testing,
Disaster Recovery or
Secure Programming.

These certification courses run from 9am to 4pm and promise to give us a great FIRST LOOK at our various non-vendor specific certification courses.
The online conferencing & VOIP technology facilities from EC-Council provide students to receive quality education without the extra cost of travel to a remote class.
With recent innovations in online education, EC-Council has created the most advanced online-self-paced Infosec training program available today! We can also receive authorized training through streaming video instruction with full lab demonstrations, official curriculum and certification exam. It is also very easy to take all the time we need to study for an exam, and without leaving the comfort of our home or office. This option fits the learning style and needs of every professional who prefers self paced/self study learning, but enjoys the facilitation of Instructor-led training
We get assurance for getting new high paying job opportunities in reputed companies. As being a Certified Ethical Hacker, we will be completely free from security fears.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wireless ECG Monitoring

Wireless ECG Monitoring
The integration technology into the medical field continues to revolutionize hospital care. Many developments in the computer industry have found their way current medical systems. This is true of wireless communication.
Most of the students are currently doing their final year projects. I would like to share one such project abstract. ECG monitoring is very import in the medical field. The monitoring of the ECG signals and an appropriate warnings about the patient to the doctor at the appropriate time will save the patient.
The integration of wireless communication into medical applications has immediate benefits. With wireless communications, monitoring of patients can be done remotely and efficiently. This would enable the intelligent monitoring of multiple patients concurrently. When a patient has alarming medical condition, the monitoring user can be informed to take appropriate action.
This technology in hospitals is rapidly advancing. The potential is to have a totally monitored hospital network, where each patient is constantly monitored via wireless telemetry.
The application of wireless biomedical sensor extends past the hospital sitting. This technology could see its way into houses, cars and even workplace. Now the total condition of a person’s health could be taken care of effectively and in a safe manner. This could be in the form of an intelligent car that could take control in the event that a driver experienced a heart attack. The number of possible applications of this technology is endless.
In order to the above concept, we can use embedded systems, Labview based controllers, FPGA based controller along with transmitter and Receiver 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

GSM Verses GPS

GSM Verses GPS

GSM and GPS are commonly used in mobile technology. It is the time to know the difference between the two with respect to the applications.
GSM stands for Global system of Mobile which is used in Mobile communication system. GSM based Mobile communication system is used in electronic devices which can collect data and send it to the central place using SMS or GSM data call. One of the primary applications of GSM is used in Vehicle tracking systems.
GPS stands for Global Position System which is used to receive location information from satellites. GPS cannot communicate itself back with them. GPS can be used along GSM to send or receive the location information to a central control room. A total of 24 satellites orbit the Earth, monitored continuously by earth stations. The satellites transmit signals that can be detected by GPS receivers located in the vehicles and used to determine their location with great accuracy. GPS gives the exact position of vehicles irrespective of the weather conditions at all the time.

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