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Monday, March 23, 2009

VLSI, Embedded, Matlab and Circuit Design related Websites

VLSI, Embedded, Matlab and Circuit Design related Websites
I would like to share some interesting tech sites which will be very help for the final year Engineering students. Already I have given a long list on Technology related website links. If you have such websites, feel free to list in dropping at Comments


Embedded systems


Electronic Circuit and Design and Other category


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JTAG said...

We would like to exchange links with you. We also have blogs as well for exchange. Please see below if interested, or contact us for details.

Anchor Text: JTAG
Description: Corelis offers a complete product line of JTAG (boundary-scan) circuit board testing tools for interconnect testing and JTAG in-system programming. Corelis also offers training classes on JTAG boundary-scan with hands-on lab exercises. Trainings covers all aspects of boundary-scan testing using Corelis ScanExpress tools. Design for testability (DFT), JTAG embedded functional test (JET), in-system programming (ISP) and test procedure generation are also covered.


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