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Monday, March 16, 2009

Shrinking devices in the technology Era

Shrinking devices in the technology Era
Today, the technology revolutions have invaded in almost all the fields. The beauty here is that each inventions are well planed and optimized relevant to its field. For example, memory chips or flash memory are vital in computers, laptop, mobile phones which are fabricated at nano level even for GB of memory with best performance. The space is well optimized to fit into particular applications.
Another example is robot design which is made as small as possible with keeping in mind that it should perform as good as a human.
Now the question is, where is the technology era is heading? While everything is made small at micro or nano level including its weight as small as possible in order to assist human beings, what is the ultimate goal? Is it to explore this universe or to see the inner space within our self? No more questions, it requires only answers? I stop at this point.


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Yokara said...

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