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Monday, March 16, 2009

Modern Real time Traffic control using GPS enabled cell phones

Real time Traffic control using GPS enabled cell phones
Traffic control is normally done either with the help of traffic police or traffic signal controllers (Timer based control). In the first case, the traffic police must present in each traffic signal and control the green, red and yellow signals according to the amount of traffic. In the second case, timer based control is used which will not bother about amount of traffic. The recent technology in the communication has emerged with the help GPS enabled mobile systems, where an accurate control of traffic is possible.The University of California researchers have developed a GPS enabled real time traffic monitoring systems for accurate control of traffic remotely. They have developed software which can be downloaded into cell phones which can automatically send the coordinates of the vehicles to a central server.
The traffic information is updated each time, the restructured traffic flow information is sent back to cell phones. This can be viewed as a color map in the cell phone as a level of traffic at a particular location in the city.
Depending on the amount of traffic in a particular location, we can change the path of our traffic which has least traffic. So our journey will be comfortable and can reach a place with no wastage of time.

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