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Monday, March 16, 2009

Hurry up to harvest Energy from Renewable Energy Sources

Hurry up to harvest Energy from Renewable Energy Sources
The way and the trend to harvest energy from the renewable energy sources like solar, wind, tidal and Biomass has to change in order cater the need for today’s energy demand world wide. The polluting conventional energy sources are going to exhaust in another twenty or thirty years, it is the time to harvest energy from alternative energy sources. Though these renewable energy sources are available plenty, why is not harvest much? Why is not replacing the conventional energy sources so that we can be relieved from today’s energy demand?
The major concern is its capital cost. Most of the people can not buy it at an affordable price.
How this trend can be changed. Now we can compare this with the mobile technology revolution. Now everyone has a mobile. Even a poor can buy a mobile. As more competitors have entered this mobile field, the price has come down to very cheap. This trend like in mobile field can be extended to the use of renewable energy sources also. If more competitors enter this field, then the manufacturing of solar panels, wind mills will grow, it automatically will reduce the overall cost, hence people can buy it. So we can have a green technology every where.

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