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Monday, March 2, 2009

Hobby Projects - Review

Hobby Projects - Review
Most of the engineering enthusiast wish to do mini electronic projects to higher level projects. Projects like Remote controlled devices are more attractive than other type of projects. In particular, Remote controlled Airplanes, helicoptors, boats, watercrafts and tanks are really amazint to do and testing. In search of such projects, I would like to share about bananahobby which is a hobby project website posts project models with relevant tips. The project list includes Remote controlled Airplanes, helicoptors, boats, watercrafts and tanks. The RC model tips are really worth to read before we start to do the model, so that we can avoid waste of money.
This also increase our confindent level of doing further steps in progress of successful project models. They also sale the different RC models at an affordable cost. Though it seems to be an online store, the tips part of the website is really nice to experience with real time models.


Mike said...

Thanks for sharing this site - will have to check it out. I enjoy RC helicopters. Check out a good source -

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

Wow this is a great way to make science and technology popular. I am totally blown away by this project. I am sure just anyone will be thrilled to make a remote controlled helicopter like this.

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