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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Energy Efficient E-Bus - Electric motors built in Wheels

Energy Efficient E-Bus
Most of the buses, four wheelers are run using Diesel Engines. Some buses are designed to run on using Electric motors for wheel drives. But it require adequate batteries with proper backup to run these electrical driven vehicles.
A novel technology has been developed where the electric motor is built within the wheel with built in controllers. This bus called as E bus. The main advantages of this type of bus are that it eliminates the transmitting mechanism from electric motors to the wheels.
This is in turn improves the efficiency of E-bus and also saves the energy. So the vehicle can be run for long period with available battery backup. At the same time vehicle can be ride very smoothly and controlled easily.


Abas said...

This is a new bus tire technology. :-) Good find, Yokara.

Come on over & reply on my blog.

mahesh said...

i am eger to see a electric bus......
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Dave said...

This should add even more efficiency to the hybrid bus movement. With the motors in the wheels, like Chevrolet's Volt, the power source becomes independent. Diesel, gasoline, ethanol, fuel cell - it doesn't matter what powers the electricity source for battery storage.

Next, I would like to see solar panels on the roof of each bus. At approximate size of 10x20 feet, it could house a 2 kw system - enough to help recharge the batteries throughout the day.

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