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Friday, March 20, 2009

Amazing and Exciting Dolphin Bubbles in SeaWorld

Amazing and Exciting Dolphin Bubbles in Sea World
Amazing events are happening in Nature World wide. I used to share with all my family members and friends such amazing events through online or other medias. This week, I watched a Video in online by which i amazed and excited. Yes, it was dolphin bubbles from the Sea World. Dolphin is naturally an intelligence sea creature. I have already heard about Dolphin's intelligence and some facts about it. It can play and dance with us. This is the first time i see Dolphin bubbles and its play with bubbles in sea water. It is really amazing and exciting to watch the video. While i was showing the Dolphin bubbles to my son and wife, they wondered its amazing behavior. My family members enjoyed a lot by watching the Video. It is my great wish to share with you all to watch the video and enjoy.

As I said, I would like to share some of the Dolphin's amazing facts. Dolphins can travel at a speed of 18 miles per hour and make up 1000 clicking sounds per second. There are different Dolphins in Sea World e.g. Spinner, Dusky Dolphins. The way it capture the food while feeding to it is really enthusiastic one. I would say that watching Dolphin blowing bubbles is a memorable event forever for me and my family members. It also makes us to interact with them to have a life time enjoyment and fun. There are no words to explain this kind of experience. I expect that everyone should get the same exciting experience and share with all of your friends. It is also a fun experience. One more interesting thing with this website is that we can know and learn more about Dolphins and its behavior. I thank GOD for having such wonderful creatures in earth.


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