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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tongue Control System for Disabled

Tongue Control System for Disabled
The technology never fails to help the disabled. Here the Scientists from Georgia Tech University hope have effectively using the ability to the mouthy muscle and turn it into a computer control pad. This computer controlled tongue power system could transform a disabled person's mouth into a virtual computer, teeth into a keyboard and tongue into the key that manipulates it all.
In the figure shown, the palatal plate (placed on a mould of the upper part of the mouth) with inductive coils and a silicone tube leading the wires out of the mouth. Right: The activation unit glued to the tongue

Their prototype Tongue drive system allows the disabled to manipulate wheelchairs by moving their tongue around their mouth, manage home appliances and control computers. The disabled have particularly high hopes that the tongue could prove the most effective.
The control system maps the motion of the user’s tonque to specific computer mouse or keyboard commands. The commands may be of left, right, forward, backward, single click and double clicks.
Compared to other control systems like tracking of eye movement are promising, they can be costly, slow and susceptible to mixed signals, this system is more cost effective and flexible.
The features of tongue control system are more flexible, sensitive and tireless option. And like other facial muscles, its functions tend to be spared in accidents that can paralyse most of the rest of the body, because the tongue is attached to the brain, not the spinal cord.

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