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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Carbon calculator to reduce and offset carbon dioxide

Carbon calculator to reduce and offset carbon dioxide :
Whether we know or not, either directly or indirectly, Carbon Dioxide is added into the atmospheres by driving our cars, heating our homes and flying to a holiday destination and so on. If there is a suitable method available to calculate the emission of Carbon level per year, it will be better for us to reduce these emissions and offset what's left. There is a specific website provide for measuring the carbon footprint. There is a specif group called as carbon advice group which is working on reduce the effect of carbon footprint in the atmosphere. Once we join in this group we can become the partner of this green revolution.

We can obtain the Offset of our Carbon Footprint, with a certificate, car windscreen permit-style sticker, Green luggage labels and window displays which can be demonstrated to our Green Credentials to your friends, family, colleagues, customers and suppliers.
Be an Environmental Entrepreneur and take part in the Green Revolution.

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Anonymous said...

Try these guys - they've just been approved by the British Government (the only ones I think) and they have a free carbon calculation / auditing tool here:

Murray Newlands said...

Hi Yokara-
Thanks for your post supporting the Carbon Advice Group.
We are proud to offer carbon calculators on our site and the chance for anyone to start their own carbon offset provider site as part of our network.

I would love to continue talking with you or any of your readers who are interested in learning more about the Carbon Advice Group.


Murray Newlands, CMO

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