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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Electronic Textiles
Electronic textiles are those fabrics wired with electronic sensors. This breath taking technology is going to revolutionize the world very soon. These wearable fabrics can be used for monitoring vital signs, cooling of the wearers while the surrounding temperature changes and giving warning to allergen, light emitting fabrics and so on.
In recent research, the researchers have coated the conventional cotton thread with highly conductive, bio sensing carbon nano tubes. The threads can be woven into fabrics that are lightweight and wearable which can act as sensitive sensors that can able to detect human blood.
There are many electronic textiles trying to incorporate metallic threads, which are heavy and prone to corrosion, or fiber optics, which are bulky. And some other groups have tried to incorporate carbon nanotubes, which can carry both electrical current and data into textiles. But the success rate is very small. However, Nicholas Kotov’s fabrics, which are made by dipping cotton into a mixture of the carbon nanotubes and a conductive polymer can carry more current than previous nanotube textiles. Justify Full
Kotov showed a light-emitting diode (LED) put into a circuit between two of the coated cotton threads shines brightly. Kotov has also shown with the decoration of the carbon nanotubes with antibodies to the human blood protein albumin, demonstrating that the textiles could be used to detect human blood. This is really an amazing in the technology era.

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