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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Children choice of toys and electronics games

Children choice of toys and electronics games

I have a quite a lot of experience with toys. Yes, I am accompanying my son for purchasing toys. One interesting thing I have noticed was that the taste of toys changes time to time for children. At different ages they prefer different toys. For example at the age 2-3, my son preferred cars, bikes and so on. At the age of 3-4, he preferred trains, puzzles and so on. Now a days he used to prefer, remote controlled cars, trains, planes and so.

Toys create a different wonder world for them and keep them always happy and fun mood. Now some question arises, Where to buy these funny loving toys for them?. Everything is available online. I would say that toys are great gift ideas for children and every parent is having keen interest to gift toys at festival times. Cheap toys are normally available online. These toys include creative, educational, action and fantasy toys and so on. We need not go to showrooms where these toys are sold with higher prices. Now, Children are keen waiting for celebrating Christmas day. Children will be expecting gifts from parents.
As I said already the taste of children varies from time to time, older children would like to play electronic games. So, we should also make a difference for Gifting these children the electronics games like the latest release of Nintendo wii console with fun games or Nintendo ds handheld games.
Creating a different world is our duty for children. It creates a imaginative power for them. It helps them to tackle the real world problems and make them to act quickly.
There are thousands are toys available, so you find the right toys for children at an affordable price from online store, spend less and enjoy this Christmas.

Nintendo DS and Wii games - Women and Youngster’s choice of Portable gaming console

Nintendo DS and Wii games - Women and Youngster’s choice of Portable gaming console

Playing video games has become a part and parcel of our youngsters. In the present world, the video game system has been very popular since a very long time. It has been played leisurely as well as improving our intelligence to interact and tackle the real time problems. It boosts our working speed and thinking power.
Nintendo iis games are very popular now a day in the portable gaming consoles era. It also has reached the top rankings among other gaming systems in the world. Nintendo DS games released in 2008 has over taken the Nintendo game boy with its portable hand held game console. In this series the Nintendo DS Lite with its responsive touch screen is very cheap which can be bought and played at an affordable price ranges. These Nintendo DS Games are available in Pick and Mix Bundles which are worth for our money and gives satisfaction and value for its use. We can also save handsome amount of money by buying cheap Nintendo DS games by its comparative prices.

I would like to share some of its latest releases
1. Professor Layton and the Curious Village - Nintendo DS
2. My Best Friends: Cats And Dogs
3. Brain Training,
There are hundreds and hundreds of games available in various categories

Another interesting amazing thing is that its wii games which are wireless control games are so fun to play. The play of Ninento wii games gives complete freedom to play and increases our interest with the gaming console.
I would like to share some of these games, accessories and its features.

* Wii Games including wii fit, guitar hero III, wii sport and mario kart
* Wii Consoles : Cheap Wii Consoles in Stock, bundled with fantastic Wii Games
* Accessories for Wii : Get the most form your Nintendo Wii with a Wii Wheel, Guitar Hero wireless controller or wii fit battery pack

Some of these Games are Wii High School Musical Combo Accessory Pack, Wii Dual Charger / Docking PowerStation and so on.

So it will be so delighting experience by playing the Ninento DS and Ninento Wii games. One particular thing i would like to emphasis is that these games are available at an affortable prices and saves the whole load of our money.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Energy saving measures

Energy saving measures

Today the energy demand is more than the energy generated from different conventional and non conventional methods. Here are some of the energy saving measure which will significantly reduces the demand, so that we can all live comfortable with available energy or power
1. Switch off lights and fans when not required
2. Use minimum lights required for the work table and switch off other lights

3. Whenever sufficient day lighting is available, switch off excess lights in corridors and verandahs

4. Whenever sufficient day lighting is available, switch off excess lights during the lunch hours
5. Use one AC only in rooms which are fitted with two ACs. Switch off ACs when the occupant is not in the room

6. One will use 3 to 5% less energy for each degree the AC is set above 22 degree Centigrade(71.5 F) Set the thermostat of the room of AC at 25 Deg. To provide the most comfort at the least cost
7. Using Ceiling room or fans allow you to set the thermostat higher because the air movement will cool the room

8. Turn off your computers / office equipment when not in use
9. Screen savers save the computer screens, not energy. Start-ups and shutdowns do not use any extra energy nor are they hard on your computer components. In fact, shutting down computers down when you have finished using them actually reduces system wear and saves energy

10. Setting computers, monitors and copiers to use sleep mode when not in use help cuts energy cost by approximately 40%

11. Use photo copiers during specific timings only. Collect various copying works and carry out during the specific timings only. Avoid frequent on-off switching since more power is drawn during every start up

12. Battery chargers, such as those for laptops, cellphones, and digital cameras, draw power whenever they are plugged in. Switch off, pull the plug and save energy
13. Avoid incandescent lamps which consumes more power.
14. Ensure monitoring and follow up of above measures by all concerned.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Smart Tech Inventions and Electronics Gadgets

There hundreds of new devices have been invented in the technology era. I would like to share some of the latest inventions which are so slim and smart. The devices that i would like to share are music following robots, lemon powered light, hand grip charger, fiber optic cable for fast communication, password key tracker, world smallest camera, infrared temperature meter, flat bulbs, open source hardware. There is no end for technological inventions and makes our life more comfortable and smart.

1. Music tracker with user:
This amazing music robot follows the user. The main thing that this robot wheels can balance itself.
2. Power from Lemon :
This is a lemon powered light. We need give power to the light from external source
3. Hand gripped charger:
For emergency charging this is the best option. Yes, this charger uses a hand grip for power charging of the chargers.

4. Password key tracker :
This device which is very compact can be fit back to the computer port which will just track the password that you have entered and stored in the computer. Be careful to use.

5. Smallest Camera :
This is actually a real camera and smallest in the world

6. Infrared Temperature sensor:
In this mini devices, infra red sensors are used to read the surrounding temperatures. Here you can see the instant display temperature from the device
7. Flat Bulbs:
Conventionally we are using round shaped bulbs. Here you can see the smart thin bulbs so that it can be fit any where. Space will be a criteria.

9. Open source hardware chips:
We have heard about open source software like Linux in which the source code can be modified by the user. In the same way, here is the open source hardware, you can use chip according to your desire of designing circuits.
9. Fast net fiber cables
10. Yes this slot is for you, you invent new things and add as a 10th device.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wireless Energy Transfer

Wireless Energy Transfer

To the energy transfer is taking place through wire or conductor. With wired power or energy transfer, we can easily transmit energy of very low to extra high value. But for some places it will be very useful if the energy transfer occur without wire is required. There are different concepts used in the field of wireless transfer technology. The one more thing is that the % of amount of energy transfer is main criteria to transfer between places of very large distances.
These are

1. Transformer coupling
Energy transfer between two coil through magnetic fields
but in this method, distance between two coils should be too close.

2. Resonant induction coupling (Evenescent wave coupling)
Electro magnetic wave in a high angular waveguide is called as evenescent waves which carry no energy, when if a proper resonant waveguide is brought near the transmitter then a tunnel is formed to the power drawing waveguide which can be converted in DC using rectifier circuits.
A prototype model is achieved with 5 meters of ranges with this method.

3. Radio and microwave energy transfer:
with this method a long range is possible. In this method microwave is sent to the long distances and can be received through rectenna which extract microwave energy back to electrical energy. But the problem with this methods is that the diameter of antenna should be order of km.

4. Laser beam transfer
In this method, laser is beamed to the photo voltaic cells which extracts the electrical energy

5. Electrical conduction method
In this method, while tranfer energy through wires or conductors, when the voltage reaches the breakdown voltage, the sorrounding medium start conducts, in this way the enegy can be transfered through air medium.

Though there are several methods available, in practical cases there is no device for transmitting power wirelessly with high energy capacity. But at low power transfer there are so many devices available in the market.

credits to

Monday, November 17, 2008

Flexible Organic solar cells

Flexible Organics solar cells
Solar technology have revolutioned the world with its flexible, light weight form of solar cells which are so flexible to use in almost all the applications. These organic solar cells are made of polymers. Such solar cells can be easily printed or painted in roof of the building or any vehicle to drive its engine.

Formation these cells:
The solar cell uses a carbon nanotubes complex, is a molecular configuration of carbon in a cylindrical shape. The name is derived from the tube's miniscule size. Scientists estimate Nano tubes to be 50,000 times smaller than a human hair. One nanotube can conduct current better than any conventional electrical wire.
these carbon nano tubes and combined them with tiny carbon Buckyballs (known as fullerenes) to form snake-like structures. Buckyballs trap electrons, although they can't make electrons flow. The falling of sunlight over these structure excite the polymers, the bucky balls will grab the electrons. Nanotubes, behaving like copper wires, will then be able to make the electrons or current flow.
Using this unique combination in an organic solar cell recipe can enhance the efficiency of future painted-on solar cells. Once this is mass produced then this process become an inexpensive energy alternative for households around the world.
Merits of this Novel solar cell

This is so light weight, more efficiency and robust in nature
Uses less silicon and so it is in expensive.
It can be easily embedded with other applications
It can be used to power GPS systems and so on

Ultimately, it gives energy with 100% green technology. We all will be happy when such a technology is implemented in our usage.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Latest in LED Technology - Organic LED

Latest in LED Technology - Organic LEDs
Conventional LED:

LEDs are known as Light Emitting Diodes. Light-emitting diodes are made up of using semiconductors such as Gallium Arsenide, Gallium Phosphide, and Gallium Nitride, have been around since the late ’50s. The main application of LEDs are indicator lamps, calculators, large advertising signs with high brightness. Limitation of LEDs Though such crystalline LEDs are not inexpensive, but it has its own limitation like integrating them into small high-resolution displays. L.E.D.’s work well in giant screens and advertising displays like those in Times Square, they cannot easily be used to create small, high-resolution screens for portable computers.

Organic LEDs – A breakthrough in LED technology

To overcome the difficulties faced by the conventional LEDs, the Organic LEDs has entered into the field. Organic light-emitting devices (OLEDs) operate on the principle of converting electrical energy into light, a phenomenon known as electroluminescence. They exploit the properties of certain organic materials which emit light when an electric current passes through them. In its simplest form, an OLED consists of a layer of this luminescent material sandwiched between two electrodes. When an electric current is passed between the electrodes, through the organic layer, light is emitted with a color that depends on the particular material used. In order to observe the light emitted by an OLED, at least one of the electrodes must be transparent. Advantages of OLEDs When OLEDs are used as pixels in flat panel displays, they give greater viewing angle, lighter weight, and quicker response. Since only the part of the display that is actually lit up consumes power, the most efficient OLEDs available today use less power. Because OLEDs are self-luminous, backlights are not required as in liquid-crystal displays (LCDs). OLEDs have very low power requirements and are thin, bright and efficient.

Applications of OLEDs
OLEDs have been proposed for a wide range of display applications including magnified microdisplays, wearable, head-mounted computers, digital cameras, personal digital assistants, smart pagers, virtual reality games, and mobile phones as well as medical, automotive, and other industrial applications. This OLEDs with its full color displays will replace today’s liquid crystal displays (LCDs) used in laptop computers and may even one day replace our ordinary CRT-screens.

Future scope of OLEDs
In OLEDs as crystalline order is not required, organic materials, both molecular and polymeric, can be deposited far more cheaply than the inorganic semiconductors of conventional LED’s. Patterning is also easier, and may even be accomplished by techniques borrowed from the printing industry. Displays can be prepared on flexible, transparent substrates such as plastic. These characteristics form the basis for a display technology that can eventually replace even paper, providing the same resolution and reading comfort in a long-lived, fully reusable (and eventually recyclable) digital medium.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wind Energy Harvesting

Wind Energy Harvesting
Wind Energy is one among the Renewable energy sources. Wind energy is also available plenty world wide. Once all the conventional energy sources are exhausted, the alternative sources of energy are wind, solar energy and so on.
This wind energy is normally extracted by using a Wind mill which are installed at high or low speed wind directions. Wind mill comprises of a generator coupled with blades, once the wind flows over the blades, it is rotated which in turn rotate the shaft of the generator, so that the power is extracted as electrical energy.

The amount power generation depends on wind speed, blade size, orientation of blades towards wind and so on. By properly using the converter systems, we can extract more energy with availabe wind mills.
These future energy sources will never exhaust and forever available to meet out our energy demand.

The best online gaming with fun

The best online gaming with fun
There are plenty of online games to play and enjoy the moment. Intercasino is a best online gambling game where you can earn while playing the games. There are wide variety of Casino games like Microgaming casinos, RTG casinos and so on. You can also play the free blackjack training games. In addition to this, for each game variety, you are provided with game rules which clearly depicts the game rules with video.
The interesting thing is that you play the games with fun.Play and enjoy the game with earnings.

Efficient way of Solar Energy Harvesting

Efficient way of Solar Energy Harvesting
Solar power is available plenty in nature. Once the conventional energy sources are exhausted, one of the alternative energy source is solar power. Solar panels are normally available for extracting energy from solar sources. But the efficiency of converting solar power to electrical power is very low as well as costly. So it is required to extract the electrical energy from solar, we have to use efficient energy conversion systems so the more power from the solar can be obtained.There are so many methods to extract more energy from solar with high efficiency, one method is solar tracking system. In this method, solar panels will be rotated along the sun axis, so that more solar rays will fall over the panels, hence more solar energy during the days. In this method also we have to use motors and control circuits to track the sun.
Another method is maximum energy conversion system. From the V-I characteristics of the solar panel, it is found that for each solar light intensity, temperature and surrounding atmospheric conditions, at one point maximum power will be available. This point can be identified by through converter systems, i.e. monitoring the maximum current and voltage point, accordingly the firing angle to the converter can be controlled. At this point, the battery connected to the solar energy conversion system is charged. In this way maximum efficiency can be achieved.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Train Collision Detection Technology Updates

Train Collision Detection Technology Updates
Now a days people prefer to travel in Train instead of Bus, according a lot of changes the way of using our transport systems. More and more trains are aiding for the transportation systems. At the same time the probable of Train to train collision, Train to other vehicles at unmanned level crossing are increasing day by day. There so many technology updates in this connection to avoid collisions and save the people.
The GPS (Global Positioning Systems) have revolutionized in the area of avoiding Train collisions. In this system, GPS transmitter and receiver are fit in the trains and vehicles. The receiver collects the data of position of train and other vehicles on earth which is compared, according to the relative distance between trains or train - vehicle, the speed of the train or vehicle can be controlled. In this way, the collision can be avoided.
This same technology is also used to avoid collision between Bus - Car or Bus - Truck and so on.
If this technology is implemented in all vehicles, the overall the collision rate can be reduced significantly and travel will become safe for everyone

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Great Opportunities from GoDaddy to Own a Domain

Great Opportunities from GoDaddy to Own a Domain
There are numbers of free web hosting services offered in the net world, but it has its own limitations like low Bandwidth, Low storage, less security, sponsors and so on. So it is required to have our own web domain, so that we can have our own web design templates of our interest. At the same time, we can have our own ads for earnings. Though I have only free web hosting services, I would like to have my own. In this connection, I searched on net to own a web domain with web hosting services. I found that GoDaddy is offering such services with more Bandwidth, More storage with high security at lowest prices for owning a web domain.
$7.49 .com banner provides services for individuals and businesses to establish, maintain and evolve an online presence. GoDaddy is the world's leading domain name registrar and largest web host with more than 30 million domain names under management,.
The features of the company are
1. A variety of domain name registration and Web site hosting services
2. Web site creation tools,
3. e-commerce and security solutions, and
4. productivity and marketing tools.
For each domain it offer the following as a free bonus
Online Photo Filer

Quick Blogcast
Hosting with Web
site builder
Personalized Email Account
Starter Web Page
" For Sale" Page
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Getting Started Guide
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100-Pack Email Forwarding
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It provides 24x7 customer service, so that we can have our website very safe at all the time without any problems.
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Friday, November 7, 2008

Ph.D. Registration Tips

Ph.D. Registration Tips
What are the basic requirement before you start research and get Ph.D.
1. Pre requisite is that you must have a Master degree ( Most of the University set this as a qualifying for applying Ph.D.)
2. Choose your area of interest to do Ph.D.
3. Supervisor or Guide
4. With above three steps, you can apply for Ph.D. to a University
5. Next step is the University scrutinize your application and invites for an Interview
6. You appear for the interview with a proposal of your research area
7. Once you are selected from the interview panel, you will be registered as a Ph.D. candidate in the University
8. Next step is that formation of Doctoral Committee (DC) members ( Research experts) along with your supervisor.
9. Decide your course work examinations ( 4 PG subjects), DC members will assist in selection of these papers and recommend to the University.
10. Once you complete your course work, you can start your research
11. The University prescribe the number of National and International journals to be published for awarding Ph.D.
12. Once you publish the number of required journals (Most probably International journals), then you start writing thesis
13. Next step is Thesis submission for review ( Review committee will be national as well as foreign reviewer)
14. Final thing is the Public Viva voce where the candidate has to give the final presentation before the external and internal experts and audiences (public). Your Ph.D. degree will be finalized for recommending for award of Ph.D.
15. You will get the degree from University


Latest in Energy Meters

Latest in Energy Meters
Induction type Energy meters have been in use all over the world. This is a indicating type where we have to note down the meter reading accordingly the number of units of power consumption then billing is done. It is a time consuming for consumer as well as energy provided. What are the other types of energy meters to overcome this difficulty. I would like to share some of these types.
1. Digital Energy meter, Here the energy meter readings are available in digital which can be easily transmitted or received between consumer and energy provider
2. Digital Energy meter with prepaid card, Here the number of units of power can be purchased in advance from Energy provider as if it is used in Mobile phone, the power consumption can be done according to the amount available, then recharge the card again according to our requirement
3. The latest trends in this technology in the energy meter era is networking of energy meters. Here the each energy meter from the consumer is considered as a node and assigned a unique IP address. This is like computer nodes connected in network with unique IP address. In this way, a communication is made between the consumer and energy provider, so that each parameter like current, voltage, power, energy, number of units consumed and the tariff rate can be accessed from a single place (from energy provider side) and can be constantly monitored.
This technology will reduced the gap between the consumer and energy provider in turn save time and over cost. Benefits will be for both sides.
These energy meters are classified as web enabled, energy meter with embedded network, meter network with RS485 and wireless energy meters and so on.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Web electronics design – review

Web electronics design – review
I would like to share the another interesting website for electronics buds or guys, is called as web electronics design simly web-ee.

This site provides various tools for electronic circuit design like Pspice, Orcad (student edition), simulators, filter design software and so on. These tools can be downloaded and can be used for our electronics design. In addition to these tools, there are tools for signal processing which will be very useful for the input and output signal or waveform analysis.

You can also use graph paper generator and chart generator. A plenty of resources for electronics enthusiast are available from this site. You can also download all the feature’s projects from this website. Grab it and use it for your projects in order to make your project more effective.

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