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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Simulation softwares for Power Electronics and Power Systems

Simulation software for Power Electronics and Power Systems
The mostly used software for simulation of Power electronics circuits or Power electronics controllers design are Matlab and Power SIM (PSIM).
Matlab software: Matlab software has number of toolboxes and Blockset which cater the need of all sort of simulations. The simulation environment are user friendly which are all built on the concept of Graphical User Interfaces. This mainly interact with the user and can be used for created and designing all kind of circuits and controllers. The basic models are available in the simulink.
Simulink provide the various form of input electrical sources, output scopes & displays, built in maths tools and user defined functions and so on. Some of the commonly used toolboxes Control system toolboxes, data and image acquisition toolboxes, SimPowersystems (Mainly for power systems and power electronics topics), Neural Network, Fuzzy logic toolboxes, simulink extras, DSP, Virtual reality toolboxes and so on. Matlab application
These toolboxes provides ther required tools or electrical and electronic components to design the desired power system and power electronics related engineering projects at UG and PG level.

PSIM software: Another main software used is PSIM. This is a simulation software developed mainly for power electronics and motor control applications. PSIM provides very efficient and powerful simulation environment for the said applications.
PSIM add-on modules are motor driver control, digital control module, thermal module, Simcoupler and Mag coupler modules. Among these modules, the simcoupler modules can be used to make interface between the PSIM software and Matlab software. Some features which are available in matlab can be interchangebly used in the PSIM simulation environment.
I would like to the features of the simulation softwares
1. These softwares provides user friends graphical interface, simple to use with fast simulation
2. Very interactive simulation environment
3. It saves time and cost in overall completing a project from design to testing stage

In addition to all the above the Power world, Mi Power are all the other simulation software exclusively available for Power system simulation environment. Some of the tools are available at free from these software vendors for Educational use.

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