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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hobbyprojects - Review

Hobbyprojects - Review

While researching on net for engineering projects, there are thousands of websites. Some websites or blog site provide a worth of information related to Electrical, electronics, communications and other engineering fields. In this series while searching on net, i got this amazing site called as which have collections of basic electronics circuits, electronics kits with novel ideas to advanced engineering projects with circuit descriptions and relevant working models.
This site mainly focuses projects on electronic, microprocessors, microcontrollers, PC based controllers useful for engineering students, electronic hobbiest and Research & Developers.They are adding new circuits or projects with links everyday. This site is really an electronic resource centre where we can access all the resources relected to electronics and engineering projects. In addition to this the resource centre provides tutorials on various categories. For example if you want to know about the 8085 microcontrollers, just go through the tutorials available on this site.
In the advanced section, hobbyprojects includes projects on Robotics, Power electronis controllers and so on. This will be a master guide for electronic enthusiast.

1 comment:

Kazım Fatih Özçelik said...

Thanks a lot.
i needed a site like this

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