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Friday, December 5, 2008

Green Revolution by Greatest Planet

Green Revolution by Greatest Planet
Global warming and the fight against it has been a top priority among the science world as well as in political concern on earth. Carbon emission due to the various action of human beings has been the cause for this global warming. In order to avoid or reduce the effect of global warming the Greatest Planet, a non profit, global environment organization has been working on many projects of carbon offset.
I have recently found such an organization online. Greatest planet assists the people (individuals and business people) all over the world to reduce the carbon emissions. Their aim is to see a healthy planet and a good life for everyone on it. Their vision has been focused as "a phrase intended to highlight both the privileges of living on this wonderful planet and the responsibilities of having a raised consciousness about climate change."
The Greatest planet website provide information on climate changes and it effect, various projects to reduce the effect of global warming like usage of Solar energy (Solar energy by using solar panels, Bio energy, Wind energy, Tree plantation and so on. They have listed top 10 projects by the Greatest Planet.
We can also get more info by their blog available in the resource centre. They also give tips on how to reduce the Co2 emission at our household. For example, The average household produces over 100 pounds of carbon dioxide per day.
At this time, we should also take right steps to reduce carbon emissions at our level. For example, we can use solar panels for lighting or for our household appliances, usage of hybrid vehicles instead of using conventional vehicles, tree plantation around our house, bringing awareness among the young world and so on. It is also our Prestige to do all these for saving our mother earth.

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