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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Train Collision Detection Technology Updates

Train Collision Detection Technology Updates
Now a days people prefer to travel in Train instead of Bus, according a lot of changes the way of using our transport systems. More and more trains are aiding for the transportation systems. At the same time the probable of Train to train collision, Train to other vehicles at unmanned level crossing are increasing day by day. There so many technology updates in this connection to avoid collisions and save the people.
The GPS (Global Positioning Systems) have revolutionized in the area of avoiding Train collisions. In this system, GPS transmitter and receiver are fit in the trains and vehicles. The receiver collects the data of position of train and other vehicles on earth which is compared, according to the relative distance between trains or train - vehicle, the speed of the train or vehicle can be controlled. In this way, the collision can be avoided.
This same technology is also used to avoid collision between Bus - Car or Bus - Truck and so on.
If this technology is implemented in all vehicles, the overall the collision rate can be reduced significantly and travel will become safe for everyone

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea.It must be implemented by central railways.

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