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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Smart Tech Inventions and Electronics Gadgets

There hundreds of new devices have been invented in the technology era. I would like to share some of the latest inventions which are so slim and smart. The devices that i would like to share are music following robots, lemon powered light, hand grip charger, fiber optic cable for fast communication, password key tracker, world smallest camera, infrared temperature meter, flat bulbs, open source hardware. There is no end for technological inventions and makes our life more comfortable and smart.

1. Music tracker with user:
This amazing music robot follows the user. The main thing that this robot wheels can balance itself.
2. Power from Lemon :
This is a lemon powered light. We need give power to the light from external source
3. Hand gripped charger:
For emergency charging this is the best option. Yes, this charger uses a hand grip for power charging of the chargers.

4. Password key tracker :
This device which is very compact can be fit back to the computer port which will just track the password that you have entered and stored in the computer. Be careful to use.

5. Smallest Camera :
This is actually a real camera and smallest in the world

6. Infrared Temperature sensor:
In this mini devices, infra red sensors are used to read the surrounding temperatures. Here you can see the instant display temperature from the device
7. Flat Bulbs:
Conventionally we are using round shaped bulbs. Here you can see the smart thin bulbs so that it can be fit any where. Space will be a criteria.

9. Open source hardware chips:
We have heard about open source software like Linux in which the source code can be modified by the user. In the same way, here is the open source hardware, you can use chip according to your desire of designing circuits.
9. Fast net fiber cables
10. Yes this slot is for you, you invent new things and add as a 10th device.


a.i. editor said...

Good post. I like it. Some interesting gadgets, not to mention useful.

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i like the smallest nikon camera!

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the smallest camera was so superb

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