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Friday, November 7, 2008

Ph.D. Registration Tips

Ph.D. Registration Tips
What are the basic requirement before you start research and get Ph.D.
1. Pre requisite is that you must have a Master degree ( Most of the University set this as a qualifying for applying Ph.D.)
2. Choose your area of interest to do Ph.D.
3. Supervisor or Guide
4. With above three steps, you can apply for Ph.D. to a University
5. Next step is the University scrutinize your application and invites for an Interview
6. You appear for the interview with a proposal of your research area
7. Once you are selected from the interview panel, you will be registered as a Ph.D. candidate in the University
8. Next step is that formation of Doctoral Committee (DC) members ( Research experts) along with your supervisor.
9. Decide your course work examinations ( 4 PG subjects), DC members will assist in selection of these papers and recommend to the University.
10. Once you complete your course work, you can start your research
11. The University prescribe the number of National and International journals to be published for awarding Ph.D.
12. Once you publish the number of required journals (Most probably International journals), then you start writing thesis
13. Next step is Thesis submission for review ( Review committee will be national as well as foreign reviewer)
14. Final thing is the Public Viva voce where the candidate has to give the final presentation before the external and internal experts and audiences (public). Your Ph.D. degree will be finalized for recommending for award of Ph.D.
15. You will get the degree from University


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