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Friday, November 14, 2008

Efficient way of Solar Energy Harvesting

Efficient way of Solar Energy Harvesting
Solar power is available plenty in nature. Once the conventional energy sources are exhausted, one of the alternative energy source is solar power. Solar panels are normally available for extracting energy from solar sources. But the efficiency of converting solar power to electrical power is very low as well as costly. So it is required to extract the electrical energy from solar, we have to use efficient energy conversion systems so the more power from the solar can be obtained.There are so many methods to extract more energy from solar with high efficiency, one method is solar tracking system. In this method, solar panels will be rotated along the sun axis, so that more solar rays will fall over the panels, hence more solar energy during the days. In this method also we have to use motors and control circuits to track the sun.
Another method is maximum energy conversion system. From the V-I characteristics of the solar panel, it is found that for each solar light intensity, temperature and surrounding atmospheric conditions, at one point maximum power will be available. This point can be identified by through converter systems, i.e. monitoring the maximum current and voltage point, accordingly the firing angle to the converter can be controlled. At this point, the battery connected to the solar energy conversion system is charged. In this way maximum efficiency can be achieved.

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