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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Plan and do selective engineering projects

Plan and do selective engineering projects
Now a days, the emerging technology fields are countless. In proportion to the development of technology, the demand for engineering graduates also very prominent. So the engineering graduates should select their project according to meet these demands with latest technology updates. The Pathetic condition is that most of the students do not thing about their projects, instead purchase readily available project available in the market and submit as final project for their viva. I would like to summarise some of the point to those student who can do good real time projects of their fields
1. First thing is research their area of field and choose a best project topic from this fields. Initially, two or more topics can be chosen.
2. Then Collect the relevant materials and make a file.
3. Third things is, discuss the chosen topics with the guide or supervisor and clarify doubts if any
This will make a focus on the fine tuning of the topic of interest.
4. Then make a complete sketch of your overall project. This may be of block diagram or signal flow graph
5. Then design a circuit relevant to your project
6. Testing of your project is another major step. You can make a test initially with a software relevant to your project before doing a hardware. This will save your time and cost.
7. Prepare a proper time schedule for doing steps 4, 5, 6.
8. Keep a constant touch with your guide in discussing your projects, so that you can fine tune your hardware project more successful.
9. Finally Document your project and submit as a project report
10. If you do all the above steps, you will rewarded with good marks. You can also get good opportunities from core companies in near future as you do the project yourself.

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