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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NASA Celebrates 50th Anniversary

NASA Celebrates 50th Anniversary

NASA - National Aeronautics Space Administration, this time 50 years ago (01.10.1958) started its exploration which has been revolutionizing the space technology. It was its first milestone in space technology in the history of human. I would like to call this day as Space day, everyone worldwide should celebrate this day. Because the telecommunication and mobile technology's rapid growth would have been a dream without this technology. The world has shrunk into a village because of this technology only. Now a days all the countries have started sending satellites and human to Moon, Mars and other planets to unearthing mysteries. International Space Station has also set up for the exploration of Space for the benefits of human development.
I would like to list out the varies mission details as
Oct 1, 1958 - NASA begins its space exploration
Oct, 11 - First NASA launch Pioneer 1

March 3, 1959 - Pioneer 4 to the moon, first Lunar flyby

May 5, 1961, First American to fly in space

Feb 20, 1962, First American to circle earth

July 16-24, 1969 - Apollo 11 First successful lunar landing with Neil Armstrong and Edwin aldrin and Michael Collins

This list goes ..

Each mission to the space is a milestone in the history of mankind. I congrats the NASA space aspirants for the future development of space exploration which brings prosperous to the people worldwide in all aspects.


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Bob Johnson said...

I love all things NASA, but we should have been on Mars by now, the initial plan was 1979, so sad.

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