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Thursday, October 9, 2008

BIPOLAR DIATHERMY An Instrumentation project
Instrumentation is the core area in all fields starting from industrial manufacturing to medicine. Its contribution to the medical field is so vast, which marked the evolution of the Engineering Technology, Bio-Medical Instrumentation.
In the present technology, where the medical science is heading towards new era, new therapy systems are introduced day by day to make the life of human on earth easier and longer. Diathermy is a boon invention in the medical field rendered by Bio-Medical Engineers where the heat is produced through waves to heal up the injured muscles.
In the project, an Ultra Sonic Diathermy Unit has been developed to achieve the same. Also, Matlab has been used to view the state of potentials when waves are passed and take immediate action, which is not present in the current diathermy units.
Ultrasonic transmitter used in this project
The present unit needs the physiologists to check manually every time after the treatment had done. Ultra Sonic Diathermy uses high frequency waves that can’t be heard or seen by human eye. It heats a smaller area, which can be absorbed well by muscle tissues and ligaments. It is a deep heat treatment that sends heat below the skin surface into tissues and muscles.
The effect of Diathermy lasts for about 1 hour. The process can also be continued after sometime if the patient is required to undergo the treatment again.
A muscle potential measuring circuit, PIC and Matlab has been used in order to employ our project as a real time measuring instrument. Two interfacing circuits have been used to make connection between the hardware and PC.
The model is very economical and compact. It is used generally by physical therapists, chiropractors and dentists to help in reducing pain, relieve muscle spasm etc.

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