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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Virtual Reality Cocoon

Virtual Reality Cocoon
Virtual Reality is a technology in which we interact with computer in a simulated environment. The simulated environment can be real world, e.g. simulations for pilot or VR games. This technology has revolutionized the way of interaction with computers in visual as well as in sound effects as sensory systems.
The Virtual Reality Cocoon is a Walk-in pad being developed by NAU, an International design collective that aims to revolutionize the way we interact with the computers. This is in the design stage, whet it is completed, it looks like a DOME with a 360 degree display screen and surround sound effect.
Normally mouse or joystick will be used to interact with screen where as this immersive cocoon is designed with a tracking cameras will follow the movement of the arms, legs, face, walking and jumping.
NAU says,"It is completely different from me sitting in front of a screen, looking at a little picture and typing something in -- almost like the experience is reduced to my brain and my fingers. In the Cocoon we have the whole body immersed inside."
By this Virtual Reality environment, we can do 3D shopping as Virtual shoppers, for example

"Imagine being fully 3D. We could walk through a 3D space where you have all the books lined up, and you could walk right up to a book," he says.

Really exciting is it? Wait till Oct 2009, to interact with this environment.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Best Engineering Projects - review

Best Engineering Projects - review

Best engineering projects is a very good website for final year students which have collections of engineering projects from various websites. This site has all categories of electrical projects which can be used as a reference for doing their final year projects.
Though it does not guarantee in working, collections comprises wide range of basic circuits for reference. Some of the examples from the categories are switching circuits, Timer based circuits, Robotics projects and so on.
Some of these projects can be done as hobby electronic projects. They have taken more efforts in collecting all the projects.

Plan and do selective engineering projects

Plan and do selective engineering projects
Now a days, the emerging technology fields are countless. In proportion to the development of technology, the demand for engineering graduates also very prominent. So the engineering graduates should select their project according to meet these demands with latest technology updates. The Pathetic condition is that most of the students do not thing about their projects, instead purchase readily available project available in the market and submit as final project for their viva. I would like to summarise some of the point to those student who can do good real time projects of their fields
1. First thing is research their area of field and choose a best project topic from this fields. Initially, two or more topics can be chosen.
2. Then Collect the relevant materials and make a file.
3. Third things is, discuss the chosen topics with the guide or supervisor and clarify doubts if any
This will make a focus on the fine tuning of the topic of interest.
4. Then make a complete sketch of your overall project. This may be of block diagram or signal flow graph
5. Then design a circuit relevant to your project
6. Testing of your project is another major step. You can make a test initially with a software relevant to your project before doing a hardware. This will save your time and cost.
7. Prepare a proper time schedule for doing steps 4, 5, 6.
8. Keep a constant touch with your guide in discussing your projects, so that you can fine tune your hardware project more successful.
9. Finally Document your project and submit as a project report
10. If you do all the above steps, you will rewarded with good marks. You can also get good opportunities from core companies in near future as you do the project yourself.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

BIPOLAR DIATHERMY An Instrumentation project
Instrumentation is the core area in all fields starting from industrial manufacturing to medicine. Its contribution to the medical field is so vast, which marked the evolution of the Engineering Technology, Bio-Medical Instrumentation.
In the present technology, where the medical science is heading towards new era, new therapy systems are introduced day by day to make the life of human on earth easier and longer. Diathermy is a boon invention in the medical field rendered by Bio-Medical Engineers where the heat is produced through waves to heal up the injured muscles.
In the project, an Ultra Sonic Diathermy Unit has been developed to achieve the same. Also, Matlab has been used to view the state of potentials when waves are passed and take immediate action, which is not present in the current diathermy units.
Ultrasonic transmitter used in this project
The present unit needs the physiologists to check manually every time after the treatment had done. Ultra Sonic Diathermy uses high frequency waves that can’t be heard or seen by human eye. It heats a smaller area, which can be absorbed well by muscle tissues and ligaments. It is a deep heat treatment that sends heat below the skin surface into tissues and muscles.
The effect of Diathermy lasts for about 1 hour. The process can also be continued after sometime if the patient is required to undergo the treatment again.
A muscle potential measuring circuit, PIC and Matlab has been used in order to employ our project as a real time measuring instrument. Two interfacing circuits have been used to make connection between the hardware and PC.
The model is very economical and compact. It is used generally by physical therapists, chiropractors and dentists to help in reducing pain, relieve muscle spasm etc.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NASA Celebrates 50th Anniversary

NASA Celebrates 50th Anniversary

NASA - National Aeronautics Space Administration, this time 50 years ago (01.10.1958) started its exploration which has been revolutionizing the space technology. It was its first milestone in space technology in the history of human. I would like to call this day as Space day, everyone worldwide should celebrate this day. Because the telecommunication and mobile technology's rapid growth would have been a dream without this technology. The world has shrunk into a village because of this technology only. Now a days all the countries have started sending satellites and human to Moon, Mars and other planets to unearthing mysteries. International Space Station has also set up for the exploration of Space for the benefits of human development.
I would like to list out the varies mission details as
Oct 1, 1958 - NASA begins its space exploration
Oct, 11 - First NASA launch Pioneer 1

March 3, 1959 - Pioneer 4 to the moon, first Lunar flyby

May 5, 1961, First American to fly in space

Feb 20, 1962, First American to circle earth

July 16-24, 1969 - Apollo 11 First successful lunar landing with Neil Armstrong and Edwin aldrin and Michael Collins

This list goes ..

Each mission to the space is a milestone in the history of mankind. I congrats the NASA space aspirants for the future development of space exploration which brings prosperous to the people worldwide in all aspects.

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