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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Solar system application

Solar system application
Another renewable energy source is solar power. In order to meet the energy demand, solar power can be used which is available in plenty.
Solar is a clean, efficient, and sustainable form of energy. The worldwide demand for solar photovoltaic energy is greater than supply. When the cost of supplying electricity to remote locations is expensive, solar energy becomes a cost-effective alternative. In addition, the use of a string of Photo Voltaic modules allows maximum power point voltages large enough to avoid boosting voltages in the conversion stage.

A Transformer less solar power system :
This project proposes a new transformer less, single-phase Photo Voltaic inverter with DC – DC Boost chopper circuit. A new high-efficiency topology that generates no varying common-mode voltage and requires the same low-input voltage as the bipolar PWM full bridge, to increase the inverter output voltage level. The inverter is simple, it requires only four insulated gate bipolar transistors OR MOSFETs and these have a good trade-off between efficiency, complexity and price.
In low frequency applications, the line transformer in the distribution side is large in size, heavy and expensive. Technological evolution has made possible, the implementation of both ground-fault detection systems and solutions to avoid injecting dc current into the grid. Then the transformer can be eliminated without distorting system characteristics related to personal safety and grid integration. Also Issues such as reliability, high efficiency, small size and weight, and low price are of great importance to the conversion stage of the Photo Voltaic system.
But here in conversion stage Boost dc–dc converter is used. So the serious problem of power fluctuation can be avoided, which causes a voltage ripple in the Photo Voltaic side at double the line frequency.

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