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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Integrated chip celebrating 50th year

Integrated chip celebrating 50th year

Almost all the technology e.g. electronics gadgets and equipments is using Integrated circuits chips. Its revolution in the technology era is tremendous and very fast. Now the time has come for celebrations, yes, Microchip invented 50 years back; its growth has been in terms the number of transistor integrated into a single chip. The first working chip is invented by Jack Kilby, Texas Instruments on Sept. 12th 1958. It consists of one transistor and other components are glued to the side of piece of glass. His invention has been revolutionizing the electronics world. The modern computer and the internet technology would not be realized without his first rough device.

According to Moore’s law the density of the transistor integrated into a single chip double in every 18 months. This growth of the Microchip can be depicted as

Can we imagine and live a world without this Microchip technology.

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