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Sunday, September 28, 2008

FPGA Central for FPGA related resources

FPGA Central for FPGA related resources

Recently I have visited a website called FPGA central. Actually, the author this website have given comments to some of my blog posts. This sight gives a good insight about FPGA and CPLD technology. So I would like to share on it. It provides articles and solutions for Field Programmable Gate Array and CPLD related applications. It provides information about FPGA, CPLD Design, development, verifications, validations, various processes and tools with products.

It also posts featured articles, news and webcasts, world wide job opportunities in these fields, events like conferences to be conducted so on.
This site acts as a best guide for students as well as vendors & users working in these fields.

FPGA related news can be updated using their email and RSS feeds.

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