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Friday, September 19, 2008

Bigdog Robot in Army

Bigdog Robo in Army

The latest robotics technology is going to revolutionize the battle field by human resemble robodog called as Bigdog. Bigdog robot is a four legged petrol powered robot. Its legs are resembling as dogs legs. This is the latest quadruped robot on earth. It is equiped with all sort of latest gadgets like laser gyroscopes, a video camera sensor system and a sophisticated on-board computer system. Boston Dynamics has unveiled this military weapon robot. They have also other categories of robots for varies applications like climbing, little robo so on.
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Features of Bigdog robot
It can cary military equipment
It can cope up with holes, steep slopes and water hazards
It can stay or withstand on its legs when it is kicked hard in the side
It stores energy by built in shock absorbers when a foot touches the ground

Bostan dynamics have stated that it can also be used for non military purposes.


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