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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Basics of Fuel cell and applications

Basics of Fuel cell and applications
Now a days alternate power sources are required to meet the power demand in all sectors of the technology trends. Batteries are commonly used as backup for power demand. The fuel cell can replace this conventional power source which is not always available in plenty.

Fuel cell is a electrochemical conversion device which can produce electricity from a fuel (act as anode) and an oxidant (cathode) in presence of an electrolyte. The fuel cell electrodes are catalytic and more stable compared with batteries.
There are varieties of fuel cells are available e.g. hydrogen fuel cells(hydrogen as fuel and oxygen from air as oxidant), hydrocarbons, alcohols (as fuels) and air, chlorine dioxide as oxidant.
Fuels cells are more efficient as compared with non conventional energy sources like solar, wind energy, etc.
Fuel cells are almost used in all applications like Type 212 submarine with fuel cell propulsion of the German Navy in dock, The world's first certified Fuel Cell Boat HYDRA, in Leipzig,Germany, Toyota FCHV PEM FC fuel cell vehicle, A hydrogen fuel cell public bus accelerating at traffic lights in Perth, Western Australia.

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