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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Interfacing hardware and software with Labview in Drives

Interfacing hardware and software with Labview in Drives

The project composes mainly of two parts
(i) A simple interfacing hardware and
(ii) A dynamic multifunctional software i.e., Labview

In this era of computers, innovation in which automation and measurement using digital instrumentation is at its zenith, forming the backbone of almost all the industrial control applications, human labour is reduced enormously. As a part of this revolution, the cumbersome performance testing of industrial drives i.e., both AC and DC motors is attempted to be automated for the ease and speed of the testing process as a whole.
Apart from voltage and current measurement which is generally effected after the provision of complex safety circuits using step down PTs and CTs, an optical speed encoder and a load actuator (used in open loop) comprises the external hardware setup.
BNC cards and DAQ cards are the accessories provided by the NI LabVIEW providers. LabVIEW 8 .0 version is used. The graphical programming facilitates easy use interface on the front panel screen with virtual buttons, controls and direct graphical view of results. It can be implemented directly in the QC testing assembly line or at the customer front and thus being versatile in its applications.

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