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Thursday, August 7, 2008


FPGA Based Control of FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR TRAINS with Labview Abstract
In developing countries, trains are subjected to more hazards than in developed countries. The irresponsible behaviour of some passengers may seriously reduce the safety of railway systems. It is therefore extremely important to design unconventional protection systems. With virtual instrumentation, engineers use intuitive and powerful software with flexible and modular hardware to build customer defined solutions. In building virtual instrumentation solutions, engineers use software to define the functions of the systems. This software flexibility maximizes the hardware capabilities while making it easier to adapt and scale to future needs. LabVIEW is a widely adopted graphical development environment for customized test, measurement and control applications.

This project entitled “FAULT SECURE MULTIDETECTOR FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR TRAINS” provides an effective method to detect fire accidents in trains. Here using LabVIEW, the real time signals detecting fire, smoke are given to the CompactRIO and alarm is generated at hazardous conditions. The same signals are given to the FPGA kit APEX20K200EFC484 and the three outputs namely Fire, Smoke and Alarm are generated. The results obtained using CompactRIO and FPGA are compared based on execution time, programming flexibility, robustness and hardware features. From this comparison, its inferred that CompactRIO is more reliable than FPGA.

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